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Web Design Trends of the Future

When it comes to web design, technology is continually advancing, allowing developers to be more creative. Some trends are starting to appear that will undoubtedly be commonplace in the future. These include parallax animation, abstract art compositions, web design for causes, digital interpretations of physical products and three-dimensional colours. Some of these are discussed in more detail in the article below.

The Whispered World parallax scrolling sample 1

Parallax Animation

This new animation trend involves separating page elements into background and foreground, giving a parallax effect. It is actually an optical illusion, making objects nearer to the visitor apparently move faster than those that are further away. The result is almost magical and is sure to attract visitors who will become immersed in the experience.

Abstract Art Compositions

It has long been said that websites should have a simple design so as not to distract the visitor from the content. However, designers are moving towards the use of abstract art to give an alternative to the usual dull stock photos. The designs are expressive, suggesting a sense of freedom and are instantly appealing.

There are other trends emerging which will require further discussions, such as neumorphism, comfortable colours, scrolling transformations, and captivating questionnaires. The best web design trends of the future will bring a whole new vibrancy to the industry. Website developers need to keep up with the latest advances or face being left behind and overlooked by their more forward-thinking competitors.